Welcome to my Oktoberfest 2005 Pictures page!

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Best damn International Bier Tent crew EVER!

Here is the best damned International Bier Tent crew EVER!  I just know we sell more beer than any other crew they have work there!

Oktoberfest Poster Boy!

Here is the Oktoberfest Poster Boy!  Or...  Mr. Oktoberfest!  LOL!

We Three Geeks of Oktoberfest are...

Here we see Todd, Ed and Steve modeling the latest in Oktoberfest Headgear.

Fred and Jeff hangin' out

Here are Fred and Jeff hangin' out...

Dave and Todd

Dave and Todd hangin' out, drinkin' beer...

The International Bier Tent

Here is where we worked out fannies off for 2 hours!  It was great fun!!


Well, that's all folks!  See you next year!  Thanks for another fun year at Oktoberfest!!  :)

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